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VIOLANDO's BUSINESS TRAVEL department was established in 1997, in the same year that various orders were acquired from major companies in the Bologna area.

The department has expanded both in terms of human resources and tools until it has achieved an extremely high standard of efficiency and reliability.
Violando's Business Travel department provides companies with a major advisory service as well as "turn-key" business trip packages. These include air, rail and sea ticket booking and issuing, obtaining of consular visas, air-taxi rental, organisation of events, car rental in Italy and abroad and hotel bookings throughout the world.

The companies that entrust their major work engagements to Violando find waiting for them special consultants and operators who have been trained to provide quick and reliable answers, but above all the best solutions to all their problems.

The service is operative
from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6.30 pm (NON-STOP).

For further details please contact:

TEL.  +39 051 6175777 (R.A.)
FAX  +39 051 6175900
E-MAIL: programming@violando.com

Violando Business Travel