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Air Broker Division
VIOLANDO's AIR BROKER division took its first steps in 2000. It was established and grew thanks to the experience of its experts and national and international contacts acquired over the years in the tour operating field (the core business in that period).

This department caters for the needs, at both national and international level, of Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Communication and Incentive Houses, as well as major International Brokers, with whom the company has been working in close conjunction for some time.
This means its services are directed towards all potential "chain" and "ad-hoc" charter flight users.

VIOLANDO's strategic goal, in both the Tour Operating and AIR BROKER divisions, is NOT direct cooperation with companies and private individuals.

Some figures to better illustrate the Air Broker Division:

including positionings
2000 48 2.000
2001 80 3.500
2002 128 7.800
2003 200 10.500
2004 255 14.500
2005 358 20.500

In little more than 5 years of business activity, Violando's AIR BROKER division has made "ad-hoc" flights, touching 83 airports in 35 countries.
The main feature of Violando's AIR BROKER product is personalisation: this goes from the interiors of the aircraft to catering, from the registration counters in departure airports to on-board announcements.

Because these are specially rented flights, all details are carefully and meticulously looked after so that clients really do feel they are in their own aircraft.
All the airports involved in the rented flight are supervised by Violando personnel who, on the day of the flight, physically go to the airport to check and coordinate the work of the various operators.

Compatibly with the air transport situation, the contracted timetables are respected and the whole team does its best to manage but above all prevent possible malfunctions; the management of any emergencies takes priority with respect to normal routine: it should not be forgotten that all the members of the Violando AIR BROKER division team have acquired long experience in the Tour Operating field and are used and trained to deal with people as "clients" rather than as "carriers".

The aircrafts used generally belong to EU carriers. They can have a seating capacity between 7 and 580, depending on real client requirements.

All the Violando AIR BROKER division team is extremely competent and above all ready to assist and cater for the numerous requirements associated with organising an "ad-hoc" flight or "chain" of flights. We therefore look forward to hearing from you all to promptly present you our best quotations and services.

For further details please contact:

TEL.  +39 051 6175777 (R.A.)
FAX  +39 051 6175900
E-MAIL: charter@violando.com

Violando Air Broker Division